by Kenzie Gunn

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Please listen to this on headphones or good speakers. This took a long time to create.


released August 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Kenzie Gunn Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Mutant Allele
Happy Birthday To You
If I can help myself, I can win
If I can help myself, again and again
I can win
What are you thinking of?
Track Name: Friends (here comes johnny graham)
I could be in love with anyone
That's the way it goes
I could be in love with anyone
But I'm the only one who knows

I owe my actions a second guessing
I owe my mother a call
I owe myself some singing lessons
But I don't owe you a thing at all

I found myself at the bottom
I felt the top was for somebody else
Thank God for friends, cause I've got em
And no surprise, and no surprises

I'm awake all the time, all the time
All the time I'm awake I'm alive
It's just how I was built to survive (not to hate myself)
I was built to survive,
I'm alive
Track Name: A Part
Read the lyrics in Karaoke form: http://youtu.be/qqPvzTscs_8
Track Name: Rage
Yell along in rhythm, but only during the loud parts.
Track Name: Buffering
Always love with your heart
Always think with your brain
Always reasons to give
Always someone to blame
Always get what we want
Always notice the rain
I can't hear you this is not happening
To me

I'm buffering